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The cultural section “Defense of Human Rights” (SDDH) is part of the Academic Association of Coimbra and was founded in 1997. Its main aim is denouncing the various violations of human rights through information, formation and education related to every kind of topic that is involved with Human Rights. Its target audience is the students of the University of Coimbra.

Structurally, we perceive ourselves as a NGO of denouncement and awareness raising, but at the same time we use other ways to satisfy the requirements that address us. We want to be a platform that enables activities and projects that the participating students can develop before they finish their studies. Especially, as this is also an important enrichment in matters of their future professional life. For this purpose, we apply the characteristics and gain of every single member of our team. Thus, our work can be developed by putting effort of different nature: logistics, technology (audiovisual, photographic, informatics), writings, social intervention, workshops, and accordingly in various areas in which Human Rights can be developed.

We are committed to multimedia content distribution as the main way of presenting our work. On our homepage (that also includes a blog) we report various news, events, activities of our section and our partners, including diverse audiovisual content. Social networks play an important role in this as nowadays they are a crucial necessity. Among others, we are present on Facebook, Flickr and Youtube. Besides, we still use traditional methods of spreading information: the individual presentation of the section is the most personal form as we are convinced that good personal relationships are essential in a structure that is based on voluntary work.

Our partners, recurrently the sections, main groups, directions and organisms that compose the AAC, are one of the strengths of the SDDH. We believe in an orientation towards the synergy of efforts. To realize this aim we are part of the Platform of NGOs (ODM NA CIDADE, PATH) and carry out various projects in partnership with different NGOs. Thereby we are able to implement projects of bigger dimension and better and greater results.

In order to achieve all of these aims, our key values are responsibility and organization. They are imperative to coordinate a vast team of young students who volunteer their personal time for the cause of Human Rights. We believe that results only arise from effort and dedication. A strong schematization and method of organization are structural components towards which we orient ourselves. Thus, we achieve appreciation of our work, always remembering that the human rights are the principle to follow.


If you care about human rights and student associations, if you want to be part of a team that helps build change you want to see happening in our world, contact us through our email:

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